Frequently Asked Questions

TalentTalk arranges special conversations and unique videoconference experiences between individuals at home and some of the most accomplished and recognizable talents in their fields.

Much more than online seminars, recorded interviews or video tutorials, each Talk takes place live in real-time and is your chance to actually interact with the personalities and experts you’ve always wanted to meet.

Absolutely. That’s why TalentTalk is here.

Whether it’s just a casual chat or an interactive class, a reserved seat at the table means you get to meet the Talent, they get to meet you, and you’ll have one-on-one time with one another.

That’s up to each individual Talent and the number of guests, but most Talks run from 40 to 60 minutes. The exact time will be detailed in each Talk description page.

That’s also up to the Talent, but in addition to a moderator and the occasional surprise special guest, most Talks feature 5 to 10 guest seats. The exact number of seats will be detailed in each Talk description page.

The price depends on the Talent, the length of the Talk and whatever perks are included in the unique experience. The price will be included in each Talk description page.

Often, yes.

Many Talks feature special takeaways from the experience for each guest, like original signed artwork and specially signed copies of books or photographs.

Any special perks offered will be included in each Talk description page.

TalentTalk arranges for delivery of the special perks and additional information will be made available during or immediately following your Talk.

Purchase a seat at the table of the Talk of your choice, then make sure you download to phone, laptop tablet or desktop. Once purchased you’ll receive email instructions from TalentTalk of how to join the Talk on that device and what will happen when you arrive.